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Find water before you drill - Scientific Well Water Locations Services

Welcome to Southwest Groundwater Surveyors

Being a major water surveyor, Southwest Groundwater Surveyors has unmatched expertise and experience when it comes to aquifer search in the American Southwest. As capable groundwater detectors, our specialty lies in using time tested methods and seismoelectric instruments for detecting underground water before well drilling begins.  Thus eliminating the cost of drilling expensive test holes. We have the ability to see water underground and to find a good drilling site in the best groundwater location.

Once we complete the data collection on-site, the groundwater data is then analyzed at our office, and the report is written. Once the client receives the report, he or she is then equipped with the understanding of...

  • The best well drilling location tested
  • The depth to drill (to the bottom of the aquifer)
  • The flow of the water well (yield estimation)
  • The answer to the question; 'Should I drill a water well or not?'
Southwest Groundwater Surveyors

You can drill your well with confidence & peace of mind.

Economical Approaches

We find well water using the latest scientific 'seismoelectric' instruments and methods in a cost-effective manner. Aquifer detectors can apply these methods for aquifers present even at a water table depth of 1500 feet below the ground surface.

Multiple data sets are collected on the clients’ property at each test site.  Once the data is collected in the field, it is processed at our office.  The clients then receive their report showing what the results of the survey and what the data indicate at each test site.  The client is then armed with an educated understanding of whether or not to drill, where to drill, and how deep to drill his or her new well. Well, yield estimations are also included in the report.

We provide our services to homeowners, property owners, golf courses, farms,  ranches and livestock owners, land developers, dairies, utilities, well drillers, engineers, geologists, and anyone else who needs a groundwater survey.

As one of the leading water finders, we provide water dowsing and groundwater location services to the states of Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah; and surrounding areas in the USA. analysing groundwater datastock godaddy pics
Preparing Notes and Data

Our Mission Statement:

It is our goal at Southwest Groundwater Surveyors to find well water where it exists and to help our clients determine the very best well drilling site. It is our priority to help prevent clients from drilling an expensive dry well or low yielding well.  In addition, our goal is to find the best drill site when one can be found. Thus eliminating unnecessary and costly drilling which would have a negative impact on the natural state of the underground aquifer.  Therefore, minimizing carbon emissions, and damage to the surrounding environment.

The corporate officer in charge of geophysics for Find Water First Inc. - Ronald Sorensen; CA Geophysisist # 957

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