Electro Seismic Groundwater Surveying To Find A Well Drilling Site.

The ”’seismoelectric Groundwater Surveying method”’ (which is also known as electro seismic groundwater surveying or electro kinetic surveying) is based on the creation of electric signals in soils and rocks that is produced by seismic waves originating on the earth’s surface. This technique was developed in the United Kingdom by Groundflow Ltd. and has been widely used throughout North America since the mid 1990’s.  The primary use for seismoelectric technology is for locate aquifers, and to find well drilling site for a water well. The seismoelectric operator will collect the data at various locations on a property such as a farm, ranch, golf course etc. The data is then interpreted to determine three estimations as follows:
1. The optimal location (of the tested areas) for drilling the well.
2. The correct drill depth (to the base of the aquifer),
3. The potential yield of the well. (based on the strength of the seismoelectric signal produced).

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