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Groundwater Survey Prices

The following price structure is provided as a guide for budgeting purposes only. The actual price for services from our professional groundwater surveyors will depend on the particulars of the project. (travel, accessibility, size of survey area etc.)

Domestic Well 

The minimum price of a groundwater survey for a domestic well on a single property is $1500 for 4 soundings (in a line of +/- 80 foot intervals) each additional sounding over the minimum costs $350. The number of soundings required depends mainly on the size of the area to be investigated.

Commercial Well

The minimum price for a survey for an irrigation well is $3500 for up to 10 soundings. Including ...


  • soundings at existing wells for modeling
  • preliminary soundings at +/- 280 foot intervals (for identifying optimal area for detail soundings).
  • And detail soundings for locating optimal drill locations and estimating depth and yield.


each additional sounding over the minimum costs from $350.

Although we try to work within your budget to meet your particular needs, the more soundings we do, translates to providing you with more groundwater information. The more information we obtain results in a reasonable assurance of whether or not to drill a well, how deep to drill, and to estimate the expected yield.

If you would like more information or a written proposal for a groundwater survey on your land prior to drilling a well,
please call 800-394-6207.