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Client Testimonials

Note:  We will occasionally post client testimonials when submitted voluntarily, and with their permission.  In such cases only first names or initials are posted if at all.  We do not otherwise provide any client information, or pester them for the results, or use them as references.  

  Bill K. - hired Southwest Groundwater Surveyors to find the best well drilling site on his 20 acre lot in Johnson Valley California (a very arid region of the Mojave Desert). Today Bill called to thank us, and to inform us that well drilling was just completed by Solomon Drilling and Pump. The well was drilled to our recommended depth of 440 feet below ground surface. Bill was happy to report that he now has a 50 gallon per minute well.

A letter from a client near Tombstone AZ. 
(We estimated the water table to be 70feet below ground surfaced, and the yield to be 5 to 10 GPM.)

"I thought I would touch base with you regarding the status of our well. I'm happy to say that the well was drilled two days ago, and the well pump and components were installed this morning. The great news is that the well drillers began hitting water at 80 feet at site location #3. All of us were shocked to begin seeing water so shallow. They continued drilling and decided to stop at a depth of 180 feet, since the flow rate was 10 to 12 GPM. We couldn't be happier with the results that your seismoelectric testing offered. Your estimate of the potential flow rate at location #3 was conservative, but it made the actual results that much sweeter, especially since it far exceeded our expectations. And even though the testing was a little costly, it was well worth it in the end. Our time here at the cabin will be far more enjoyable now that we have well water. Thanks again for helping us with this process."
Gratefully D... and M... G...

     A recent client From Simi Valley, California called us with the news that he had installed a well on his avocado farm that we had surveyed. He told us that the driller had found the water at the depth we had reported, and the yield was also what we had reported. He was happy to tell us that we had found him the 50-100 gpm well that he had so desperately needed.

Southwest Groundwater Surveyors was recommended by Solomon well drilling to find a good well site by the Johnson Valley Improvement Association in Johnson Valley, CA (a very arid desert region of Southern California). After conducting ten seismoelectric tests we determined that the best well water location would yield at least 10 Gallons per minute. The well was drilled by Solomon Drilling of Lucerne Valley CA. We are proud to announce that the Johnson Valley Improvement Center now has all the water they need and the well is yielding in excess of 10 GPM.

We have been working hard on projects in Arizona, New Mexico, and Southern California locating well water sites. We are happy to report successes at a commercial farm in New Mexico where we found several drill site of over 500 GPM; and at a 40,000 acre cattle ranch near Tucumcari New Mexico where a good groundwater source was located in an area where many wells had gone dry.

Geologist Robert Strahan. of  San Luis Obispo CA. recommended Southwest Groundwater Surveyors to a client in Thousand Oaks, CA. - He has just informed us that they finished drilling, and our depth and yield estimations were spot on. The clients main well had been decreasing in yield so they called Southwest Groundwater Surveyors to do a series of tests on their property.  After two days of testing we were able to find a good water bearing fracture zone that is now yielding 40 to 60 gallons per minute.

In Castaic California we were able to find well water for a client whose wells were going dry and the yields were down to 1 to 2 gallons per minute.  After conducting a series of seismoelectric groundwater surveys, Southwest Groundwater Surveyors were able to identify an area where the yield estimate was 5 to 10 gallons per minute if they drilled to 400 feet below ground surface.  We just received a call from Water Works Technology, who informed us that they finished developing the well and after drilling to 400 feet, the well pump tested at 10 GPM.

Southwest Groundwater Surveyors was hired in April  to find well water for a client in Barstow California, who had just had the misfortune of drilling an (expensive) dry well. The client was referred to us by Solomon Well Drilling of Lucerne Valley California, to see if we could help.

After conducting a series of seismoelectric tests on the clients’ property, Southwest Groundwater Surveyors reported that groundwater was located at one particular site.

The data indicated the base of the aquifer was 350 feet below ground surface and the estimated yield was 2-6 Gallons per minute.

 Colleen from Solomon Well Drilling informed us that they had just finished developing the well and reported that the well was pumping steady at 5 gallons per minute, at the exact depth reported.

Satisfied Client in Graham County Arizona:
"I thought you’d like to know that your survey showed two locations where we’d find water at 3-6 GPM with the bottom at 280′. We drilled 285′ between those two spots , hit water at 179′, cased, gravel-packed and set the pump at 270′ and started pumping at 40GPH. After 9 hours we had pumped-down 23′ of water. After changing to 22 GPM for an additional 4 hours, the level went up by 9 feet. I have installed a 10 GPM pump and utilize a 3,000 gal storage tank between the well and the house and never expect to have a water problem! Thanks for your good work. The results were worth the price! Neighbors (using a “witch”) have drilled as deep as 1200′ without finding ANY water."
—  J.B.

“Hey Steve,
Just wanted to let you guys know that you were spot on with your target on my lot at in Lakeside. We just got done drilling yesterday and found the flow and depth of the fracture to be what you reported. Props to you and your services. Thanks.”
—  Greg

Larry R. in Quemado New Mexico hired Southwest Groundwater Surveyor to find well water on his 160 acre ranch land. Our data indicated a good groundwater source of at least 15 gpm with a base of 250 feet below ground surface. Larry called us in December to say that he stopped drilling at 180 feet bgs and is pumping 25 gpm.

Hello Steve,
 - We finally had the well dug and a pump put in. We went the entire length of the water column. Results were as your report showed: (Site 1AM is located approx. 135 feet east/northeast of the well.  The data indicate the base of the aquifer is 450 feet BGS.  The estimated yield is category C. (5-10 GPM). Finished well at 450 feet and Water static level was at 133 Feet.  Well tested at +12 GPM .  Static level holds steady at 141 feet pumping 12 GPM. Just wanted to thank you and pass on the positive results.

— A.M. Prescott Valley, AZ

Steve L. of Benson AZ wanted to drill a well near the site of his planned workshop. After SGS surveyed Steves property we assertained that his planned well site would provide a very low yield. We recommended that he drill at a different location only 200 feet away. SGS informed Steve that the data indicated the base of the aquifer is 699 feet below ground surface and that he should expect a yield of 15+ gallons per minute. Steve called SGS a few months later to thank us. He informed us that he had drilled 660′ down and got 20 GPM.

Hope this email finds you and Carolyn well.

It has been some time since I last communicated with you (by phone in late August I believe). Anyway, you no doubt recall Chuck & Carole H., near Datil , NM where you and Carolyn did a total of 12 tests in two field visits on our 20 acre property to locate water. Per your recommendations we chose to drill at site 12 …today we are enjoying quite clean and good tasting water…

Well, take care and say “Hi” to Carolyn. Thanks for all of your help through this deal. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday! Best regards, Chuck, Datil NM

Hi Steve,
Attached is the record of the drilling on our Stony Ridge property at Site 4BP. We are pleased (and relieved) with the results. The well will be more than sufficient for our purposes.

The survey was right about the estimated yield.

Many thanks again to you & Carolyn. Best wishes for the holidays. 
—  Bruce & Mary, Datil, NM

A client in the Hualipai Mountains near Kingman Arizona writes:
“Hi Steve and Carolyn,
We had our well drilled today. We chose the second site because it was very difficult access to the primo site and the second site you recommended was very close to the road. Anyways, we told them to dig 475 feet as per your directives and at the end of the day, we had approximately 3 gpm! No one in the neighborhood has more than one gpm. Thank you so much!”
—  P

A letter from a satisfied Client in Southern Utah December 2, 2015
"Hello Steve and Carolyn, I just thought I would let you know that we just completed drilling on one of your better test sites which resulted in a very good well. We went down 495 feet and are still gathering data on gallons per minute, but we feel it will come in above the estimate. Thanks for your help. I will keep you posted. Dale"

Geologist Robert S.. Reports Success. November, 2015 In January of 2015 Southwest Groundwater Surveyors were called by Geologist Robert Strahan of Sierra Exploration Drilling in Paso Robles, CA for the purpose of locating groundwater, on a ranch in Thousand Oaks. The purpose of the survey was to determine if there was a drill site that could yield a greater output than the existing 60 GPM well. After conducting a series of modeling tests at the well and several lines of survey soundings on the ranch, our data indicated an area that appeared to be a narrow fracture zone that was loaded with groundwater. Once the owner received the report they decided to drill on the location that was interpreted as having at least double the yield of the well. We are happy to report that in November we received a phone call from Robert stating that the well site we located was a success and is reported to be yielding 150 GPM.

These are just a few of the many success stories that are attributed to the correct use of the seismoelectric well water survey technique.

SGS continues to successfully locate well water sources in Southern California, Arizona, and throughout the Southwest, for clients who are in need of well water but do not wish to gamble on drilling a dry or low yield well. We currently enjoy repeat business with many satisfied clients.

The highest yield well sited by our GF3500 EKS technique to date is 2500 GPM in California.

In February 2015 Ranch owner Tracy C. hired Southwest Groundwater Surveyors to conduct a series of aquifer locating tests to find well water in Nevada. He had recently drilled a dry well. After only fifteen test sights on Tracy's 680 acre ranch we were happy to find a groundwater location site for well drilling, that we estimated would yield 65 gallons per minute if drilled to 360 feet below ground surface.We just received word from Tracy who said he just had the well drilled at the site and he is happy to be pumping 70 Gallons per minute after drilling to a depth of 370 feet.

Tracy has asked Southwest Groundwater Surveyors to come back and find him another well site.

In September of 2016 Mark F. of Lucerne Valley, California contacted us to see if we could find fresh water on his property. The area is known for having salty water in the top 200 feet below ground surface. Southwest Groundwater Surveyors was referred to Mark By Greg Solomon of Solomon Drilling and Pump Service in Lucerne Valley. After conducting a series of seismoelectric tests on Marks property it was determined that two sites showed promise of fresh water if drilled to a depth of 490'. Mark just called to inform us that Solomon Drilling and Pump Svc. has developed the well after drilling to 485'. The well casing was not perforated for the first 200' to prevent the salty water from contaminating the fresh water. Mark is enjoying 30 gallons per minute of fresh clean water in an area where only salty wells have been drilled before.

Ronald Sorensen (California geophysicist # 957) is our corporate officer in charge of geophysics.