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Corporate officer in charge of geophysics: Ronald Sorensen - California geophysicist Lic.# 957

Locating groundwater for a well in difficult places is not only frustrating, it can be very expensive.  Anyone who has ever drilled a dry well can tell you. "It would be better if you could  find ground water before drilling a well."  Well now you can.

Find Water First Inc. dba Southwest Groundwater Surveyors are here to help. Our Seismic groundwater exploration instruments and groundwater exploration methods were developed to be a portable version of a technology that was developed in the oil industry. We have an economical method for seeing groundwater directly without drilling test wells.  Our groundwater exploration surveys can see water underground to an average depth of 1500 feet below ground surface.

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Ronald Sorensen (California geophysicist # 957) is our corporate officer in charge of geophysics.