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Find water before you drill - Scientific Well Water Locations Services

Groundwater Location Services

Southwest Groundwater Surveyors of Oak Hills, California can help you find well water in your area today. We offer in-depth groundwater surveying to scientifically help you locate optimal water well drilling sites on your property. As a result, you will have a reasonable assurance of drilling a successful well to the correct depth and on the right spot. This method eliminates the worry of drilling a dry or low-yield well.

Importance of Location

Water well drilling can be costly if you're given incomplete or incorrect information about the location of the new well. That's why it's crucial that when you start a well drilling project, you're not doing guesswork. It is essential to know as precisely as possible, the locations, the depth of the aquifer, and estimate the volume of flow (yield) before undertaking any well-drilling efforts. Our expert groundwater surveyors can eliminate the guesswork for you and help you succeed in finding the correct well location for drilling. 

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Highly Advanced Equipment

We use patented computer equipment. Our latest generation of seismo-electric geophysical technology to help us find well water. Unlike traditional water dowsing, the seismo-electric technology, developed by geophysicists Dr. Richard Clark and Dr. John Millar of Groundflow Ltd., is portable enough to survey most locations in a single day and provide accurate groundwater aquifer information.

Southwest Groundwater Surveyors

How It Works

With our computerized seismo-electric, also known as electro-seismic instruments, we collect electric signals generated by the passage of seismic compression waves, which are sent through the ground.

These waves are transmitted using either a hammer and plate (for depths down to 300 feet) or we use the "buffalo" black powder charge, for depths down to 1,500 feet below ground surface.

The seismic wave then slightly moves the water in saturated sand, gravel, and rock fractures. The water is displaced by the compression wave, causing a small but measurable electric signal (similar to that of static electricity) which returns to the surface and is recorded by our highly sensitive instruments. If there is no water present, then there will be no signal indicating an aquifer.  The surveys are sometimes difficult work, and several data sets may be taken at each test site to insure quality of the data.

Southwest Groundwater Surveyors

Understanding the Data

Our professional water surveyors process the data collected and provide a detailed report of the findings. This includes the best place to locate and drill a well, the depth to drill the well, (to the base of the aquifer) and the approximate yield in gallons per minute.

Southwest Groundwater Surveyors

Why Choose Us?

Southwest Groundwater Surveyors have experience in understanding the geological diversities of the American Southwest. Our highly trained water surveyors have an understanding of the techniques required to collect accurate groundwater information in a variety of situations. By incorporating local geologic information and indications from our seismo-electric data, we provide the most accurate scientific analysis available today, for determining the right drilling site and depth.

Ronald Sorensen (California geophysicist # 957) is our corporate officer in charge of geophysics.

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