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How to Locate Groundwater Before Drilling a Well

For many people, drilling a well to tap the supply of groundwater beneath their feet offers an attractive way to mitigate water costs and reliance on municipal water systems. It’s also one of the few ways to provide water in some off-the-grid areas where water systems lack infrastructure, and there are no surface bodies of water nearby. However, it’s not as easy to locate water underground in California or the southwest as you may think. In fact, without the help of a professional groundwater locator, the challenge can be immense.

Fortunately, there is a reliable scientific method that can be used to help you find groundwater on your property before drilling a well. Because drilling can be expensive and involve disruption to the environment, it’s important that you survey widely for water but drill only once. The future of your water supply may depend on finding the most bountiful spot in the aquifer, and pinpointing the best well site will give you the most reasonable assurance of locating a sustainable water source  before undertaking the drilling of a well.

Hire a Pro

The surest way to strike H2O is by hiring Southwest Groundwater Surveyor’s to use advanced equipment and expertise the pinpoint the best spot on your property for drilling a well. The most reliable method used by professional water surveyors is seismoelectric testing that uses seismic impulses to locate groundwater. Though other technologies are available including satellite photo analysis, electrical resistivity testing, and proton magnetic resonance testing. They are more expensive and not as reliable.  Using the latest generation of GF-6 technology, Find Water First Inc. dba Southwest Groundwater Surveyors Seismoelectric surveying is the only method for seeing groundwater directly rather than just guessing where the water may be.

Contact a professional groundwater detector in California to help find the perfect well spot, it’s important that you know exactly where to drill before undertaking the well drilling project. To learn more about finding water on your property before drilling a well, contact Find Water First at (800) 394-6207.

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